Essential Information About The Popular Game Of Foot Darts And How To Play It

Foot Darts has gained a lot of popularity at present and it is played using a velcro ball as well as a sticky dartboard which is 22 feet high. This game helps any individual to compete or socialize with their buddies. The players must hit the target by using their feet. In fact, their feet must be used instead of throwing the projectile. Furthermore, they also need to set the line from where the ball has to be kicked and after that, they must try to hit the dartboard by running up and kicking the ball. The place where the ball is going to land will determine the score. In case any player’s vertical reach isn’t strong enough, then it is possible to kick from an elevated platform. Although the rules are similar to that of a regular game of Darts, the game becomes quite exciting with the introduction of elements which exist in football. In fact, it is a combination of soccer and darts.

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Unlike football, the players need to be extremely accurate while playing this game since they are actually aiming for a small portion of the dartboard. However, the bull’s eye seems to be an impossible target. There are many different varieties in foot darts such as different sizes, color choices as well as designs. The game requires plenty of space and can be enjoyed by individuals of almost all ages.

Foot darts is also ideal for all those that like to sharpen their kicking skills. Furthermore, it helps to keep you fit while you try to aim for Ronaldo-like hat tricks. It hardly matters whether you play with your left foot or right foot and the main thing is that you must enjoy the game while playing it.

It should not take too much time before this fun game can find a place in the international competitions. Since soccer happens to be a popular sport amongst individuals of all races, genders or religion, they should not find it difficult to play this particular game.

You must be quite excited to try this game after going through the above-mentioned facts. If the question, “where can I play foot darts?” arises in your mind then you can just start playing it in your own backyard along with your close buddies.